Sano Magazine is a natural health news and information service that provides readers with a natural means to a healthy lifestyle. It was founded by Australian editor and journalist Sarah Schwager. Sarah is one of the few members of her family who isn't practicing in a natural health field, so she decided to write about it instead!

The magazine is backed up by a team of columnists who are all experts in their field. These columnists also provide expert advice on natural health questions related to their field.

Sano Magazine is the sister publication to Organic Buenos Aires (www.organicbuenosaires.com), an online natural health magazine based in Argentina.

Organic Buenos Aires was set up by Sarah while she was living in Argentina after she recognised a need for reliable news and information on natural health, as well as where to find organic food. It has since achieved international success.

Organic Buenos Aires now has a dedicated following and a worldwide audience, with around 3000 hits to the website every day.

For more information on Sano Magazine, contact info@sanomag.com.au or fill out our Contact Form.