Sano Magazine offers a range of advertising packages, including:
  • Small banner
  • Medium banner
  • Slideshow banner
  • Newsletter advertisement
  • Feature article plus photo
  • Product review plus photo
  • Text link advertisements
All advertisements include a free coupon, which is advertised on our site, in our coupon newsletter, and on our Facebook page. All businesses that advertise with Sano Magazine will also get free publicity on our social media forums.

Sano Magazine is also offering an all-in-one Advertising and Public Relations Package.

The monthly packages will include advertisements on our site, product/service reviews, SEO optimised feature articles, press releases, help handling the media, and advice on promoting your product or service.

The prices will vary depending on your particular needs.

For more information about our advertising and PR packages, please contact Sano Magazine's Advertising team at or call 0411 317 358.

Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form.