The Resolution Revolution
Keeping it Real and Becoming the Healthiest You in 2014
January 21, 2014
By Lauren Dulberg
Welcome to 2014 - The Resolution Revolution
"It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life," sang Nina Simone.

This, my friends, is what another year is all about. We have a marking on our calendars to remind us that it is time to change and that time is now.

It's another chance to have awareness of the year that has passed and that another one lays just a few minutes away. The new year helps us to recognize that we are not immortal and instead are growing and changing as the seasons, years and decades pass.

So now is the time. It's the time to make those changes that can give your health, your life and your sanity a source of renewal and rebirth. Now is the time to once again step up to your life and live your dreams, raise your potential to becoming the healthiest you and learn to enjoy, soak in and love this next year to come.

The new year is the perfect reason to allow yourself to dig a little deeper into what you may really need in the year ahead. Allow yourself to be satisfied with the past year, accept, be grateful and never dwell. Now is your time to let go of what was and ring in the new!

Here are a few ways that may help you discover your New Year's Resolutions:

Let Go

Letting go of something that may not be helping our higher self, either physically, emotionally or spiritually, invites something even greater into our lives. Sitting and writing a list of what we are ready to cast to the wind and what we want to bring in can really help. Putting our thoughts onto paper can aid the process to manifest as well as clear away what may not be needed. Breathe in deep and then let go.

Set Intentions

As long as it comes from your heart it is as valid as can be. What is something that you truly desire and want to do? Something you want to create or begin or something that you want to end? Dream big, let your imagination run wild, listen to what you really want and you will be surprised what you can manifest.

Make sure not to let fear get in the way of your dreams. Dreams that are grand and wild or day-to-day and small are equally important, even ones like, "I dream of exercising four times a week" or "I want to do something professionally that makes me happy" or "I want to stop smoking". These intentions that you set, whatever the scale they may be, are what can change your life for the better.

Do Yoga

Yoga has made a name for itself in the past decade or so for good reason. Though it has been around for a few thousand years, yoga hadn't become popular until recent years. The reason why everyone loves yoga is because not only does it release endorphins which make you feel happier, it makes you stronger, look great and it allows for you to have time to just be with yourself and go inward, which is something normal exercise doesn't always allow.

The poses themselves were created by mimicking animals and nature itself and they all have relevant physical and spiritual properties. And what other exercise includes laying on your back for 10-20 minutes and completely relaxing (a.k.a Savasana). Savasana, which is considered to be the most important yoga pose of all, is known to have impacting physical effects such as a decrease in blood pressure, metabolic rate and muscle tension.

Yoga itself is set up for this meditative deep relaxation, where you can get to a place after a hard hour of work and totally let go and breathe. So aside from the calming benefits of yoga, getting into a routine of yoga practice can greatly affect your life. You will start to notice your body not only looking better but wanting to be healthier.

Make your New Year's resolutions stick with Acupuncture

Most New Year's resolutions when it comes to health are centered around things such as losing weight, stopping smoking & drinking, to be less stressed or less worried about things, exercise more and to be more productive, getting things done that need to be done or starting new projects.

Acupuncture can help with all of these and turn a resolution into a transformation or revolution! Acupuncture, a 5,000 year old medicine, has recently been recognized as one of the best ways to help with weight loss and addiction.

Recent research showed that acupuncture boosted metabolism, suppressed appetite and improved digestion while giving the body more energy. Participants who received acupuncture in this study lost a significant amount of weight in comparison to the control group who did not use acupuncture.

Acupuncture has also been found to help cure addictions and is part of many drug rehab programs in the states and seen as one of the best ways to quit smoking. As for curbing stress and calming worry, depression and anxiety, Chinese medicine has been treating emotional issues for millennia. We do not separate the emotional or spiritual body from the physical which is why the treatments work so well.

Aside from all of the incredible health impacts that acupuncture has and its detailed way of treating disease from the root to the branch, the "side effects" of acupuncture include sleeping better, and feeling more energized, balanced and happy. And all you have to do is lay there and enjoy!

Give up the Gluten

Saying no to gluten has become one of the biggest health diet fads of the past year but there is validity behind all the hype. It is understood that 80% of the world's population actually has an intolerance to or sensitivity to gluten. Aside from that, it is one of the most genetically modified crops (wheat).

The problem is it just tastes so good, so is it all worth the sacrifice to not eat it? The answer to that is YES. Gluten creates inflammation in the body which is now being understood to be the cornerstone of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis and even heart disease, infertility and behavioral disorders. Aside from the strong connection to physical disease, taking gluten out of your diet will help you lose weight and feel better.

Take it easy on yourself

We can be our hardest critics, our biggest bullies and the voice that says "You can't". Instead we need to be kind to ourselves and find the voice inside that says "Yes, you CAN". Sometimes it's about practicing gratitude, remembering what we are grateful for and also recognizing that we are really amazing, beautiful and have even greater potential than we can imagine.

An easy way to begin practicing self-kindness is to do something nourishing for yourself every day. Whether it's a yoga class, an acupuncture treatment, sitting and reading a book instead of being on the computer, a good meal, you get the idea...

It's important to take some time for YOU. We live in a world where body image, the image of success and material things overpower what is truly real and important. Don't let this veil of reality shade your beauty because the truth is you're radiant and the world needs to see you shine. So the time to start recognizing this is NOW!

Now is the time to cast those dreams for the year ahead. The only one in your way is you - let go and follow your heart and allow yourself to be open to all that comes in your path - good, bad or ugly. There are still lessons to be learned, the love is there for you to soak in and this life is yours to live to the fullest. May 2014 be one of your best years yet, a year beyond your imagination filled with everything you want to bring into your life!

Lauren Dulberg, L.Ac, is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. You can visit her website here.
"Now is the time to cast those dreams for the year ahead. The only one in your way is you!"