Is the Acai Berry Good For You?
We in the western world have only known about the Acai Berry since the 1990s. But now suddenly the Acai berry has become so highly sort after that Brazil now mass produces the crop.

The Acai berry is highly versatile and absolutely delicious. It can be used in many dishes or eaten raw. It's likened to cherries or blueberries. As the juice of the Acai berry only has a 24 hour active life span, the harvesting process has to be very swift.

But, the question on everyone's lips, is the Acai berry actually good for you?
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Xylitol: Is it healthful or harmful?
It looks and tastes like ordinary table sugar. So how is Xylitol different?

Xylitol is contained naturally in plants, fruits and vegetables. It is extracted most commonly from corn or birch bark to create the processed white crystalline sweetener form that we see packaged on our health food store shelves.

Xylitol can be bought as granules, or found added into oral care products and confectionary. It is termed a non-nutritive sweetener because it does not contribute any nutritional value, as it is a sugar alcohol that passes through our body and is not metabolised or absorbed.
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Is Juice Fasting a Healthy Detox Method?
If there is one thing we are seeing everywhere at the moment, it's "juice fasting", where people only drink - you guessed it - juice.

Juice fasting has become a hugely popular method for losing weight, bodily cleansing and detoxification. You might also have heard it referred to as a juice detox or juice cleansing.

And don't those juices look fantastic! Everything that's good for you in an easy to digest liquid meal. Who wouldn't be tempted by such a simple weight loss and detox method?

So… what's the catch?
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Are Chia Seeds Good For You?
Chia seeds appear to be all the rage in Australia at the moment. From muesli to energy bars to individual packs, I seem to see chia seeds wherever I go.

Within the health food industry, everyone seems to be raving about chia seeds, jumping to include them in their product, and promote them to their consumers.

So just what is the lowdown on chia seeds? Are they as good as they're claimed to be?
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Taking krill oil supplements is a health fad that only seems to have emerged recently.

As the word on krill oil has got out over the last couple of years, worldwide demand for krill oil has increased substantially. You might have even heard it mentioned somewhere before.

If that's the case, have you been wondering whether you should take krill oil? Have you been wondering what krill oil actually is? Or whether bottling krill oil is sustainable? Find out the answers below.
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